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Kelly Hazel

I was born and raised in Upstate South Carolina. I've loved drawing ever since I could hold anything that would make a mark (much to my parents' displeasure). In high school, I attended the Fine Arts Center, a magnet school for the Arts. This is where I discovered photography for the first time. I also got to try my hand with sculpture and 3-D talent in that 3rd dimension for me, but I earned a deep respect and appreciation for the artists brave enough to venture into it. I also attended the South Carolina Governorís School for the Arts at Furman University during my senior year in high school. This school has grown since then into a year round boarding school that focuses on the Arts. It is truly an amazing program and I count myself blessed to have been a part of it.

My photography has been featured in two books thus far: Weaving on Gourds and New and Different materials for Weaving and Coiling, both by Marianne Barnes. Two more books written by Marianne Barnes and illustrated with my images will be published later this year. I am also working with a new author illustrating another book on basketry to be released in 2015. I frequently work as a portfolio photographer photographing many beautiful pieces of sculpture and two dimensional art for other fine artists, and as a product photographer. I love the work, but I am excited to embark on this fine arts aspect of my career, letting my creativity flow into my photography.

I still live in Upstate South Carolina with my husband John, son Jacob, and our dog, Sprocket. I love living in the Upstate for many reasons. I have enjoyed watching Greenville, Simpsonville, and the surrounding areas grow and prosper over the past 30 years, and I hope to call this place home forever.

Kelly Hazel




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